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10 Amazing Benefits Of Cucumber Water

Cucumber water is fast becoming life. And it’s no surprise when you consider how many benefits there are.

As simple as adding slices of cucumber to a jug of water, cucumber water is refreshing and offers amazing health benefits.

And if it all sounds a bit too boring, we’re also going to include a few zingy recipes at the end of this article for you to get stuck into.

10 amazing benefits of cucumber water:

1.Cucumber Water Keeps You Hydrated

Cucumber is something like 95% water. That sounds pretty crazy. But being so water-dense means that cucumber is able to keep you amazingly hydrated – just like water itself.

Dehydration is the cause of a lot of our problems. When we’re tired, it’s likely that we’re dehydrated. When we have a headache, we could be dehydrated. And even when a skin condition has flared up, the chief cause could well be dehydration.

This is largely because most of us just don’t drink enough water.

To double down on the amount of water you drink per day, add cucumber to your morning glass.

2.Cucumber Water Is Great For Your Skin

At Beauty and Tips, we love good skin – and we’re sure that you do, too.

And if you truly value your skin, you’ll surely know that you need to eat clean in order to maintain a healthy, youthful glow.

Cucumber water can help to this end. It’s rich in vitamin B-5, which can clear up symptoms associated with skin conditions, and it also flushes out nasty toxins from your body.

3.Cucumber Water Helps With Weight Loss

This is another one of fabulous benefits of cucumber water. If you’re in the process of trying to lose weight, sugary drinks won’t help you. Even sports juices or energy drinks won’t do.

Cucumber water, however, will.

Many of us don’t realise it, but as well as quenching our thirst, water can actually make us feel fuller.

See, a lot of the time when we think we’re hungry, our body is actually just craving some water.

The next time you feel hungry at an unusual time, try drinking some cucumber water and see what happens. Maybe you’ll find that it hits the sweet spot and fills you up until dinner.

4.Cucumber Water Looks After Bones

How important is bone health to you right now? For a lot of young women, bone health isn’t a number one priority. But as the cases of osteoporosis are on the surge, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that our diet is playing havoc with our bone health.

Cucumber water can help to strengthen your bones by supplying you with Vitamin K, which forms the proteins necessary to maintain healthy bones.

5.Cucumber Water Is Rich In Antioxidants

This is another one of great benefits of cucumber water. Antioxidants are fringing awesome. They battle free radicals that are intent on wreaking havoc  in our system, thereby promoting cellular health and keeping us functioning at our optimum.

Fruit and vegetables are stuffed with all kinds of powerful antioxidants, and so is the humble cucumber.

The antioxidants you’ll find in cucumbers include vitamin C, manganese, beta carotene, as well as a host of various flavonoids.

They’re all an amazing bunch and we love them. They can reduce your risk of developing all kinds of chronic disease, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

6.Cucumber Water Is A Good Detoxifier

In need of a detox? Cucumber water can help.

Cucumber water is one of the cleanest drinks you could ever drink. In fact, if you were to add lemon, we’d argue that it’s the cleanest drink on the planet.

It flushes toxins out from your body, draining you of rogue bacteria that’s been making you feel tired and less like yourself.

To maintain your body and keep it in tip top shape all year round, we recommend regularly drinking cucumber water.

7.Cucumber Water Freshens Your Breath

Fresh breath makes us feel good and ready to take on the day. But fresh breath also boosts our confidence. It’s super important.

To keep your breath as fresh as possible, consider drinking cucumber water each day. It’s good at killing off bacteria in your mouth.

8.Cucumber Water Could Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a really scary thing that has the potential to affect anybody. But while it’s easy to give up the ghost and live in fear of cancer, you can actively reduce your risk of developing this most heinous disease by eating the right things – starting with cucumber water.

As well as the antioxidants we’ve already mentioned, cucumber water is also rich in lignans, a group of cool nutrients that have been linked with the prevention of cancer.

While we’re not saying for sure that drinking cucumber water on a daily basis will reduce your risk, it could certainly help.

9.Cucumber Water Lowers Blood Pressure

A lot of people just aren’t aware of how dangerous high blood pressure really is. But take it from us – it’s really dangerous.

It’s also kinda scary.

Cucumber water contains potassium, which plays an important role in lowering your blood pressure. It does this by ensuring that your kidneys maintain the right amount of sodium. If they maintain too much, you could witness a spike in your blood pressure.

10.Cucumber Water Is Good For The Muscles

One of benefits of cucumber water is that, if you’re trying to strength your muscles at the moment – and even if you’re not – cucumber water can toughen them up.


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