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7 Foods Made in China You Must Avoid (Filled with Plastic and Cancer Causing Chemicals)

More and more foods we consume on a daily basis come from China. This is mainly to the cheap prices. Whichever the reason, the fact is that we consume harmful imported food. This is the list of 7 Chinese illegal foods that you should avoid. These foods are packed with harmful toxins, which can be detrimental to our health.

1. Cod Fish

It is believed that around 50% of American Cod comes from China. The cod fish comes from polluted water because there are few restrictions in China for these types of exports.

2. Chicken

The US Department of Agriculture approved sales of chicken which comes from China in 2013. The chicken’s quality is a matter of concern because China is a country where avian influenza and food-borne illness are quite common. Moreover, China is the major producer of pesticides.

3. Apple Juice

It is estimated that about 50% of all apple juice sold in the US comes from China. China uses harmful pesticides in their food.

4. Industrial Salt

The industrial salt that comes from China is extremely dangerous. Therefore, it may increase the risk of hypertension, heart attack, and stroke.

5. Chinese Garlic

The garlic imported from China is discovered from US inspectors to contain chemicals more than abundantly. As a result, the garlic leaves a bad aftertaste. It is believed that about 31% of the garlic sold in the US comes from China.

6. Tilapia Fish

If you consume this fish on a regular basis, stop using it. It is one of the unhealthiest fish in the world. This fish contains toxic, mainly because it eats anything.

7. Plastic Rice

The rice which comes from China is fake and plastic. It consists of potatoes and synthetic resin. It may increase the risk of cancer. This kind of rice stays hard after boiling and it is harmful to the health.

Therefore, make sure you avoid these foods and combine local and organic foods.


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