Burn Fat On Thighs, Hips And Waist With This Powerful Recipe

The ginger comes from Asia and it has been used as herbal medicine and spice for thousands of years. Ginger tea or ginger water is prepared by boiling ginger root in water and the, cooling it and straining it. The ginger has many health benefits. The ginger water is very effective in the weight loss process and many different health levels.

Put one to one and a half liters of water in a tall pan and add chopped ginger root. Simmer the mixture for fifteen minutes on low heat and then, cool it and strain it. Consume it every day during the day and you should consume at least one liter a day. Store it in a thermos and take it with you wherever you go. Consume it for a minimum of 6 months for better results.

Here are some health benefits that ginger water provides:

-It regulates the cholesterol levels;
-It has anti-inflammatory effects;
-It is an antioxidant;
-It protects against cancer;

Nausea relief

Ginger has been used to relieve nausea and prevent seasickness. It’s been used for treating vomiting and nausea linked with many conditions like pregnancy and chemotherapy. Ginger supplementation on a daily basis reduces severe chemotherapy induced nausea in patients with cancer.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Ginger water can decrease joint swelling, inflammation and pain from rheumatism and osteoarthritis. It was published in an article that it was proved by many scientist that ginger contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Antioxidant properties

The antioxidants protect the body from the free radicals and it was revealed in a study that dried and fresh ginger has powerful antioxidants and that ginger can be used as antioxidant-source in foods.

Protects against cancer

Ginger can be effective in helping inhibit cancer growth and prevent it. The antioxidant content has been shown to kill and reduce the spread if substances that cause cancer in the body. According to a study, ginger had antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that were shown to slow the development of some cancers.

Great for weight loss

The practice of Ayurveda shows that consuming ginger can keep the weight under control. Many researchers have confirmed that. It was found in a study that overweight rats who took gingerol (compound in ginger) were able to lose weight after a supplemental period of thirty days and they showed leptin levels and sugar levels improvement. The leptin plays role in feeling satisfied and full after a meal.

It was concluded by the researchers that supplementation of ginger suppresses obesity induced by high-fat diet. According to another study, ginger supplementation has equal impoct on weight loss in rats. It caused noteworthy improvements in the levels of blood cholesterol.
Ginger keeps you full and helps in properly digesting the food.

The hormonal changes and the stress can cause spikes in the blood cortisol levels and that throws the metabolism and immune system out of balance. The elevated cotrisol levels can contribute to weight gain. Consuming ginger can provide internal balance and promote weight loss and well-being.

Before you eat it, you should chew a thin slice of ginger as it will regulate the metabolism. Stimulate the digestion, reduce the production of cortisone and increase the energy. You can also grate and little piece and add some lemon juice and a little salt. Mix them and eat couple of small pinches of the mixture will help you control the appetite and help the digestion.

Do not limit the intake of ginger before meals. Use it as spice or in other way. Cooking it for about six minutes enhances the health benefits. It is tasty and does not need to be masked with other flavors to get its benefits.

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