Why You Should Eat Horseradish Mixture In The Morning On An Empty Stomach

Horseradish helps cleanse the body of toxins accumulated in a short time and has the power of healing many diseases.

Today, many people rely on traditional medicine that successfully treats a range of diseases. Forget about pills and detox your body with a simple horseradish-based recipe that will eliminate all the toxins accumulated in your body. Take care of your health, because it is the most precious treasure in the world.

We can’t deny the power of plant, but it is true that in order to cure diseases, you need perseverance and a little more time to get the desired results. However, this should not be an obstacle.

The remedy we present today purifies the body of harmful toxins. It is very easy to prepare.

You need:

– 1 horseradish root
– 3 slices of a medium sized apple
– 2/3 cup raw honey
– 100 ml wine


Peel and dice the horseradish root. Put it in the food processor and blend.
Chop the apple slices into cubes (remove the seeds). Add to the horseradish mixture and process everything together.
Add the honey and wine and mix.


You will get a mixture with an average density. Spread this remedy on each slice of bread in the morning when you eat breakfast.
The recipe is enough for two days and will be consumed only in the morning on an empty stomach.

With a proper diet and exercise, you will detox your body in about 3 weeks.


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