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13 Amazing Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

It is one of the oldest vegetable fats and composes the main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet. So beneficial to health.

Olive oil is the oily juice extraction of olives, of which there are many varieties that confer different characteristics depending on the use.

There are also different types of olive oil, depending on the mode of extraction or production process. Being the purest extra virgin olive oil, which is extracted by cold pressing.

This oil will be most beneficial because it contains all features intact olive oil.

This food belongs to the group of oils.Olive oil is not only a basic ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, it is also a product with great benefits, both for health and for skin care. Despite its popularity for cholesterol, is an excellent antioxidant, allied against hypertension and more.

First let’s see what elements are what make this precious food. It is a product that accumulates in the cell vacuoles of the olive fruit: olives. It is a vegetable fat consumed since ancient times, of Mediterranean food. It retains all the properties in the fruit: aroma, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, among others. Its nutritional composition corresponds to different fatty acids as:

+ Oleic acid (63 to 83%)
+ Acid Palmitio (between 7 and 17%)
+ Stearic acid (1.5 to 5%)
+ Palmitoleic acid (between 0.3 to 3%)
+ Vitamin E, natural antioxidants (polyphenols, pugmentos, aromas, 1%)

olive oil nutrition info

Olive oil gives us different nutrients that are beneficial to health us:
Depending on the method of extraction and type of oil will be more or less rich in components beneficial for health.

The proportions of nutrients olive oil can vary depending on the type and amount of food, and other factors that might contribute to the modification of its nutrients. Remember that according to the preparation of olive oil, can vary its properties and nutritional characteristics.

You can use this information for input into your diet this or other foods. but remember to consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting any diet or make drastic changes in your diet.

– Olive oil contains 49.60 ug. vitamin K in per 100 g.

– Olive oil also has a high amount of vitamin E. The amount of vitamin E having is 12 mg per 100 g.

– The olive oil is among the low-sodium foods as this food is sodium.

– take olive oil is beneficial for people with high blood pressure or have high cholesterol.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K. It promotes the absorption of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

calories in olive oil

The amount of calories in olive oil  is 899 kcal. per 100 grams. The energy intake of 100 grams of olive oil is approximately 32% of the daily recommended amount of calories you need an adult middle-aged and middle-sized performing moderate physical activity. Due to the amount of calories virgin olive oil, you can say that olive oil is rich in calories.

The calories in this food, which belongs to the category of oils, provide to our body the energy it needs to perform daily activities.

Our body uses calories virgin olive oil as an energy source for any physical activity like running or playing sports. No calories as those provided virgin olive oil, we would have no energy but it is important to note that excess calories can cause overweight.

We give you 13 Amazing Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

1.olive oil is high amount of vitamin E

is a beneficial food for our circulatory system. This food also has antioxidant properties, is beneficial for the eyes and may help prevent Parkinson’s disease.

2.The high content of vitamin K in this food makes taking  olive oil is beneficial for proper blood clotting. This food is also beneficial for bone metabolism.

3.Due to its high amount of calories

this food is not advisable to take if you want to keep your weight or if you are on a diet to lose weight.

4.the olive oil in recipes improves circulation of blood flow and prevents discomfort when walking.

5.Is effective in controlling hypertension

also favors the treatment of heart disease, stimulates digestion, improves the functions of the gallbladder and prevent certain cancers.

6.Help the proper absorption of calcium and minerals

such as phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, thanks to which, has a protective and tonic on the hair and nails effect.

7.Helps reduce body mass index

Although it is highly caloric, a diet rich in olive oil may reduce obesity rates that are better than other edible fats or oils digested and increases good cholesterol in the blood also contains monounsaturated fats. Due to its content of beta-sitosterol has a laxative effect.

8.Prevents aging.

Their antioxidant and Vitamin E are beneficial to prevent free radical damage to the skin and, consequently, cellular oxidation. These components retard the deleterious effects such as loss of elasticity and collagen.

9.Helps lower cholesterol

It is one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet and some call it “liquid gold”. With two tablespoons daily consuming for example will help to reduce levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol without affecting HDL (good); due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids.

10.Prevents constipation.

Improves digestion of nutrients by stimulating the secretion of bile from the gallbladder, which helps prevent slow or slow digestion of fats.

11.Protects your heart

One of the great benefits of olive oil is due to its large amount of polyphenols, which are biochemical compounds with anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic properties. Prevent the proliferation of plaques that clog blood vessels and improve circulation, forcing the heart to pump blood faster.

The antioxidant components of olive oil, as well as some dried fruits and nuts-inhibit the formation of plaque in blood vessels, which results in atherosclerosis, or clogged arteries.

12.Controls diabetes

It is excellent for diabetics because a teaspoon is useful to control blood glucose.

Dare to include in your meals more food than the traditional Mediterranean diet. Published by the American Diabetes Association studies show that consumption of olive oil regulates the production of pancreatic insulin controls glucose levels and delay drug treatment in patients newly diagnosed with diabetes.

13.Improves metabolic functions and brain development.

It seems that people who consume more saturated fat compared to those who consume less, have less memory. People who consume more monounsaturated fats containing olive oil, have cognitive improvements over time.

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