This Is Why We Should Not Skip Our Breakfast

The larger percent said that they are not hungry enough and have no appetite when they wake up. However, those people who do not eat in the morning can cause more damage than good to their physical look. Studies have shown that there are several reasons why breakfast is important. In the text below, read what advantages for our health does the it has:

1. Reduces the risk of diabetes

The link between skipping the morning meal and developing diabetes is mentioned in many scientific studies. Breakfast is very important for the regulation of the appetite during the day. If you frequently skip the meal, in a long term diabetes type 2 may occur.

2. Improves the heart function

The habit of skipping breakfast has been scientifically proven to be associated with the emergence and development of heart disease. It is also shown that people who skip breakfast have an increased risk of heart attack by 30%.


3. After the breakfast, you will feel full with energy

People who regularly eat healthy breakfast have more energy throughout the whole day. They feel happier and besides that, they have healthier body and skin.

4. Improves the concentration

There is a reason why many schools offer morning meal to their students. From a long time ago, nutritionists have agreed that the morning meal is crucial for learning and concentration. After the night, the level of blood sugar in our body is very low. Because of that, the breakfast that offers an optimal amount of whole grains or food rich in vitamins and proteins is crucial for our brain to carry out its normal functions.

5. Protein rich breakfast

The morning meal will keep you satiated throughout the morning, but the meal rich in protein will keep this advantage throughout the whole day. Choose eggs, meat and yogurt for your start of the day. Reduce the desire for junk food throughout the day and you will feel blessed.


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