This Woman Drank a Glass of Tomato Juice Every Day for 2 Months: The Result is Amazing!

We all know and believe in the powerful properties of tomatoes, and there are many reasons why they are considered to be super foods. However, to examine all their beneficial effects.

Experts from the University in Taiwan decided to conduct an experiment and learn more about the power of tomatoes. Namely, the experiment included women of different age, weight, and origin. For the purposes of the research, they had to drink 250 ml of tomato juice every day in a period of 2 months.

The quickest and most notable change was their significant weight loss, and, according to the experts, this wasn’t eliminated liquids only, but fat deposits as well. Moreover, the women made no changes in their nutrition or physical activity. Blood tests were made at the beginning and end of the research.

The end results showed lower levels of cholesterol and increased levels of lycopene- an antioxidant in tomatoes which is very beneficial for one’s wellbeing. What’s more, the experiment showed that one glass of tomato juice per day betters the immunity, protects from cardiovascular diseases, and it also decreases the chances of cancer.

Moreover, this refreshing drink helps with digestion issues; it stimulates the removal of liquids, protects the health and prevents liver, lung, pancreas, and bladder ailments.

Additionally, this juice is highly recommendable for the skin as it makes it shinier and softer. Also, it significantly decreases coughing, prevents anemia, alleviates rheumatic symptoms and improves the overall blood test results.

If you had a strenuous exercising day, drink some tomato juice and you’ll feel much better. Hence, this is an excellent natural remedy for muscle cramps as it is rich in magnesium. Also, it contains potassium, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamin C, and vegetable proteins.

If you decide to buy tomato juice, always opt for the organic version. However, the best option is to make your own tomato juice. You’ll need 6 kg of tomatoes, 4 spoons of sugar, and 2 spoons of salt. First, wash the tomatoes with cold water, then cut them into small pieces and ground them. Afterwards, add the salt and sugar and put the content to boil.

Stir from time to time, and when the content has boiled, cook it for 10 more minutes and stir all the time. At the end, transfer the cooked tomato juice in sterilized glass bottles and close them well. When they cool down, store them in a cold place.

Recipe for a homemade tomato juice


– 6 kilos of tomatoes,

– two tablespoons of salt

– 4 tablespoons of sugar

Method of preparation:

Remove the stems and first wash the tomatoes in cold water, and then cut and grind them.

Add the salt and sugar and let it cook, but stir frequently to prevent burning. After it boils, cook for

10 more minutes and stir all the time.

The hot, cooked tomato juice should be put into a sterilized glass bottle and closed tightly. When cooled, store the bottles in a cool place.

This homemade tomato juice will undoubtedly change the way you look and feel. Nevertheless, if you opt for buying your tomato juice, make sure it is organic, as the effects won’t be full.



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